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Is really the future now? or is Prosper IncJarle Thorsen and Sebastian Greenwood and John Ng really running a scam and fraudulent MLM network in China? Based out of Hong Kong and Dubai to try and bypass the MLM legislation in China that is very strict and steal more money from innocent people as they already did in Unaico, Sitetalk and the others?

What is really behind BIG COIN? also a scam? Presented by John Ng from Sitetalk though his company Bon International Group Ltd


It is a fact that the people above have stolen money from us and thousands of other people and got away with it…until now.

We will shut down Prosper Inc and any related companies and ensure that Sebastian Greenwood, Jarle Thorsen, John Ng and all others related will be arrested.

Contact us to join us to take them down by posting your story on this site and share with the world how they stole from you.

Screen shot 2014-03-06 at 07.02.22Jarle Thorsen


John Ng

John Ng scam